About Us 

Founded & Managed by

[ Students at Westwood Schools ]


The app was originally founded by the creator, Akshay P. Now the app has extended to include several other people. The team members of Manage Your Money are Brock, Jason, Erin, Trey, Mitt, Ches, Connor, and Cameron. 

Why was this app created? 

The creator, Akshay, participated in the H&R Block Budget Challenge. During the simulation, he faced many struggles with the financial terms and ended up spending much time gathering information on a variety of resources. Manage Your Money is an app created out of the frustration that some people feel when they need information, but it takes too much effort to get it. 


Our Vision

We want to help you, the users of Manage Your Money, to be less confused about financial terms. Not everybody knows everything about taxes, expenses, and bills. We are sure that if people were informed, they could make better finacial decisions that will help them manage their money.