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Manage Your Money contains information on what a budget is and how to create a budget. If people made a budget, it would be easier to track their own income and expenses. They can easily plan ahead with a budget. Manage Your Money also provides reviews on budget calendar apps in the app store. We know that you will want to create a budget right after you read our budget section. 





Do you know all the taxes you are paying for? Chances are, some of you do, yet most of you do not. That is what we are here for. We have a list of several taxes and put a description of the tax. We also include a usual price for the tax or how it is determined. 

[ Social Security Tax / Federal Tax / Sales Tax / State Tax ]


Common Bills


There are many common bills that people face and pay. Manage Your money has provided a description of many common bills that people pay monthly, semi-annually, or annually. Not only do we provide a description, but we also provide tips for lowering the price of that bill. 

[ Car Insurance / Credit Card / Cell Phone / Rent / Cable / Car Loan / Utilities ]